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What people are saying about us:

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We came to Donna struggling with multiple aspects of our relationship and although it was a hard step to admit couples counselling might be needed, we are both so glad we took the step.


Donna created a space that was welcoming and non-judgmental from the start. She helped us feel heard and understood from one another’s perspective. She explained each step what our journey would be and also asked what methods of communication worked well and not well for each of us, which we found to be an excellent level of professionalism.


Her warm and kind nature made it comforting to work through this space and after a short time we were amazed to see wonderful results and a sense of connection better than expected. We cannot recommend Donna enough!

Sophie and Alex

Litia and Luke

Donna created a calm and judgement free environment that allowed us to be honest and understanding of one another from the get go.

We cannot thank her enough for teaching us to effectively problem solve and meet each other in the middle. I’m glad we went to see Donna and now I feel confident and excited for the future with my partner.

Kylie and Sam

I want to say a huge thanks to Donna for saving my marriage! When my life came crashing down around me, I was in enough of a crisis that I had become almost non-functional. Somehow I found Donna, who even in the first session started helping me to see more clearly.

Donna has taught my husband and I how to communicate better which has changed our lives. I have never met a person like her who can stay so calm and non judgemental. I can't recommend Donna enough!


From my very first session with Donna I have felt respected and heard. Donna took the time to get to know me and my situation, and didn't try to rush into quick fix solutions that weren't tailored to me and my needs. If something wasn't working for me, she was very respectful and found other methods that were more suited. I never felt rushed, and Donna let me decide the frequency and intensity of our sessions. She is a very warm and affable person, and I feel extremely lucky to have met her. I highly recommend Donna and the service she provides.

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