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Individual Counselling

The most important relationship we have is the relationship we have with ourselves. Sometimes we may find ourselves struggling with parts of who we are and why we do what we do. Or we may have behaviours we'd like to change.


There are many different reasons why people come to counselling. Counselling provides the space to feel validated and understood in a non judgmental way. We fill so many different roles in other areas of our life, that we often leave ourselves last. We offer you the opportunity to come to a place where it gets to be just about you.

Individual counselling can be helpful if you are experiencing issues related to: anxiety, depression, trauma, stress and transitional changes i.e. birth of a baby, career change or moving countries. Another concern individuals may face is experiencing relationship issues and this can be helped with relationship counselling for individuals.

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How does individual counselling work?

Therapy session

Our first session includes an assessment that gives us an understanding of your history and anything else relevant. We discuss your goals for individual counselling. We then go through the process of therapy which includes helping you gain an understanding of your concerns, alternative perspectives and helping you reach your goals at your own pace.

Because each individual is unique with their own history, we work from different approaches depending on what works for you. These approaches include, but are not limited to mindfulness, strengths based, solution focussed, humanistic, person centred and narrative. We are also culturally sensitive and have a strong understanding of how culture can impact the individual.

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What if I want to come for relationship counselling but my partner doesn't want to?

When we are having relationship challenges, the best thing to do is seek professional help to guide you through the process of making improvements. However not everyone wants to do relationship counselling. There are different reasons why people are reluctant to try it but if you are feeling stuck, relationship counselling for individuals can help. This is an effective way of learning your own patterns of behaviour in a relationship, how these behaviours impact yourself and others and what to do about the behaviours you'd like to change. When we are left with our own thoughts about how our relationship is going, it can be difficult to see a different perspective. Which is why relationship counselling for individuals can be a useful way to see things differently and the best way to approach relationship challenges.

How does relationship counselling for individuals work?

Relationship counselling for individuals begins in the same way mentioned above but the focus is on how you are in your relationships, what you see as the challenges and strengths and what you'd like to change. When doing relationship counselling for individuals you can learn better ways of interacting and communicating, how to manage conflict and how to make improvements in the challenging areas. 

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