Parenting Skills

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Being a parent can bring feelings of joy, happiness, sadness, overwhelm, frustration and so much more. Nothing can prepare us for being a parent until it's happening. It usually isn't until we experience challenges that we realise, maybe something needs to be done differently. However, a lot of the time parents can't quite work out what that 'something' is and that is where Connections Counselling can help.

Whether it's improving communication skills with your kids or helping you have a better understanding yourself as a parent, these are some of the things that we can explore during counselling.


We aim to take a scientific and compassionate approach to parenting, by having an understanding of childrens' brain development and their emotional needs. 

“As children develop, their brains "mirror" their parent's brain. In other words, the parent's own growth and development, or lack of those, impact the child's brain. As parents become more aware and emotionally healthy, their children reap the rewards and move toward health as well."

― Daniel J. Siegel