Couples Counselling

Do you find yourself thinking: 

We struggle with managing conflict.

I don't feel supported.

I feel like we don't know each other like we used to. 

There has been a betrayal of trust we are struggling to deal with.

These type of thoughts along with many others, are often what we hear from couples. Sometimes navigating relationships can be challenging and we need an outsiders perspective. Connections Counselling can help you work through this.


We use the Gottman method, which is the most thoroughly researched couples therapy. This method provides couples with effective tools to help heal the issues in the relationship. We begin the therapeutic relationship by getting to know you as a couple and as individuals, and we assess what we think would be most helpful for you to work on. We then go through the process of helping you get to where you want to be as a couple.

For more information on the Gottman method:

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